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Help highly-capable, self-motivated young people without access to resources pursue their potential.

What I think the mentor gets is the great satisfaction of helping somebody along, helping somebody take advantage of an opportunity that maybe he or she did not have.

Role of Sponsors

  • Identify candidates and assist candidates with their applications.
  • Submit candidate application along with recommendations to AtO board.
  • Assist AtO with distribution of award funds as needed.
  • Monitor progress of their Achievers.
  • Keep Board informed of Achiever’s progress, status and any concerns
  • Assure that Achievers fulfill their commitments to AtO, such as providing progress reports and feedback.
Photo of AtO scholar receiving her award, shaking hands with sponsor, books in background.
AtO Scholar receives her Award

Identifying Sponsors

Sponsors join Access to Opportunity's endeavors in one of two ways:

  • Members of our Network can serve as “Sponsors” who mentor, track and support Achievers.
  • Members identify other upstanding community members who may serve as Sponsors.

Why AtO Works Inside Our Network

Working within our Network allows AtO to have unwavering confidence in the integrity, intentions, and success of Sponsors as they support Achievers. We are not limited geographically, however our initial focus has been in the country of Belize, C.A., where we have the strongest contact networks. For over 25 years members of our Board have traveled throughout Belize. Making friends and building relationships through these travels has been an integral step towards developing our Network.