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Help highly-capable, self-motivated young people without access to resources pursue their potential.

Cap'n Ron & Ched Cabral, first Sponsor & first Achiever of Access to Opportunity shaking hands with big smiles, palm trees in background.
First AtO Achiever with Sponsor.

Why We Serve

Intelligence, ability, and the potential to benefit humankind is not determined by place or circumstance of birth. Yet countless people with such potential are born into a position where they do not have the resources needed to realize their potential. AtO seeks out such individuals in order to unleash their potential to improve lives, communities, and the world. We call these people “Achievers.”

In my travels all over the world, I have come to realize that what distinguishes one child from another is not ability, but access. Access to education, access to opportunity, access to love.
- Lauryn Hill
Black and white close up photo of Kerrikay in classroom setting.

A Few Words from AtO Acheiver Kerikay Briceno

Hi, my name is Kerikay Franzine Briceno and I am a proud scholarship recipient from Access To Opportunity (ATO). I was ecstatic and appreciative to learn that I was a recipient for a scholarship to complete my bachelor’s degree in Primary Education. ATO provided me with the opportunity to further my studies. I recently completed my degree and I’m grateful to the supporters at ATO. I’m currently a primary school teacher, and this opportunity has had a tremendous impact on my level of exposure. It has allowed me to a gain a better understanding of the teaching profession. It also allowed me to enhance my knowledge on how to work with children. I’m forever grateful, as this will allow me to cater for my students as well as their needs. By assisting me, I was able to place my sole focus on work, my family and the most important aspect of school, learning. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.

How We Serve

  • AtO maintains a network of positive role models and trusted community leaders who support our mission (“our Network”).
  • AtO finds candidates through our Network. This saves time and effort required to evaluate candidates and select Achievers, and also ensures the proper and effective use of funds.
    • Members of our Network can serve as “Sponsors” who mentor, track and support Achievers.
    • Members identify other upstanding community members who may serve as Sponsors.
  • Sponsors identify and screen candidates, and present their applications and supporting documentation to the AtO Board for consideration.
  • Sponsors mentor and track Achievers and keep the AtO board apprised of Achiever progress.
  • Achievers are required to provide a plan of how they will “pay it forward.”

Our Process

  • Candidates may be proposed by any person in our Network or by any Sponsor.
  • When a candidate is proposed, the AtO Board reviews the qualifications of the candidate to determine eligibility, the AtO resources recommended by the Sponsor, and assesses the likely impact of AtO’s support.
  • If further information is needed, the Board contacts the Sponsor.
  • The Board may also set up a personal interview with the candidate.
  • Upon acceptance, the candidate becomes an “AtO Achiever,” and the Board provides the sponsor with a letter to the Achiever and an Agreement to be signed by the Achiever and the Sponsor.
  • The Achiever must keep the Sponsor advised of progress and of any obstacles that could prevent success.
  • The Sponsor keeps the AtO Board advised of the Achiever’s progress, and requests additional assistance if needed.