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Help highly-capable, self-motivated young people without access to resources pursue their potential.

A·CHIEV′ER n. ~ One who attains through effort.

Wealth is not about having a lot of money; it's about having a lot of options.
- Chris Rock

Your Path to Achievement

Application Process

  • If an AtO Sponsor recommends that you apply for support from AtO, s/he will give you an application to be completed and returned to her/him. Your Sponsor will submit your application along with her/his recommendation to the AtO Board of Directors for consideration.
  • When an application is received, the AtO Board reviews your qualifications to determine eligibility, considers the AtO resources recommended for you by your Sponsor, and assesses the impact the AtO support will make on your success.
  • If further information is needed, the Board contacts the Sponsor.
  • The Board may also set up a personal interview with you.

If AtO Provides Support for You:

  • Upon acceptance, you become an “AtO Achiever,” and the Board provides your Sponsor with an award letter to you and an Agreement to be signed by you and your Sponsor.
  • You must keep your Sponsor advised of progress and of any obstacles that could prevent or hinder your success.
  • Your Sponsor will keep the AtO Board advised of your progress, and may request additional assistance if needed.

Your Responsibilities

AtO Achievers Will:

  • Identify the support needed - complete and submit your application through your sponsor.
  • Maintain high achievement level and self-motivated performance.
  • Keep your Sponsor informed of your progress, status and any concerns.
  • Upon completion of your award activity, provide report as requested by AtO on a timely basis.
  • Pay it forward.

How Can Achievers Pay It Forward?

It is the intention of AtO that our network can continue to grow, that through supporting Achievers, new Sponsors will emerge and little by little the circumstances of birth will not dictate success for motivated individuals. It is the expectation of AtO that Achievers are continuously putting forth effort to attain, including promoting the mission of AtO by becoming Sponsors or connecting other potential Achievers with our Sponsors. Once you have completed your award activity you may be able to identify new achievers, resources, and/or needs, thereby assisting in the growth of our philosophy across the map.

Why Are Applications Limited to our Trusted Network?

AtO relies on our Sponsors to make sure that candidates meet our eligibility criteria and that our Achievers are highly likely to benefit from our support and to achieve! Our Sponsors maintain close communication with and ongoing support for our Achievers. So the identification and endorsement of candidates within the AtO Network is a significant factor. Unlike some scholarship and grants, AtO offers long term support for your growth and future success. From planning steps to checking in, goal setting to implementation, the relationship between Sponsor and Achiever is intended to be strong and ongoing. Sponsors can also help Achievers pay it forward in the future.